Welcome To Our New Wedding Car Blog !

  Hello everyone ! Why a wedding car blog??

Fabulous Cars have decided to add a new addition to our website and introduce a new Wedding Car Blog Page. This will be so you can stay updated on our latest offers, see photos from weddings we attend and ask any questions you may have regarding our Imperial Wedding Car.

Our blog will bring you ideas on what you can achieve for your own wedding, giving you ideas on all things weddings to suit your wedding theme. Picking a wedding car is important for your special day and on our blog we can show you more than just our wedding car. We can introduce you to other wedding disciplines that we have worked with and are confident to recommend to you. We can show you more photos, show you the funny things that can happen on a wedding day or show you the elegance a classic car like the Imperial can bring to your wedding.

 Please feel free to you leave your own comments or ask a question on the blog posts.


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    It is becoming increasingly popular for brides and grooms to customize their wedding to express the one-of-a-kind love they share. This year I have had a few requests to include their beloved pet's at their wedding. A wedding is a couple’s opportunity to celebrate their relationship with family, friends and even their pet dog. Here we have the lovely Debs, Dean and Barney the dog (resplendent in his own bow tie!). 
     IMG_0974 IMG_0975